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My man if I were to order him from a pizza parlour would have to come with certain garnishes nothing too rich or too extravagant. The man would have to love me for what l am and all my faults. My man would have to be educated and he has to read books and we would spend hours talking books that we have read and those that we will read. However, a man is not dough to be moulded there is only one minor detail a tiny requirement is that his eye does not wander and if it does that this would be the only part of his anatomy that would wander.

But I wonder if at this age I SHOULD BE ORDERING PIZZA clogging my arteries and the cholestrol. I have seen someone who is not pizza like strong quietly confident black man. Maybe next time I will go for the exotic pizza with hot red and green chillies withpeperoni but right now I love the ham and mushroom.

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By Anonymous Anonymous at 10:13 pm

You gotta try chicken and pineapple!
and no matter what age there is always time for pizza fugitabout the cholestrol!

By Blogger Mshairi at 8:15 am

I say: order that pizza and be adventerous - like mental acrobatics says try something different...chicken and pineapple would be interesting. Kind of like sweet and sour...    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 11:20 am

The only problem with ordering pizza is that the cost of it can be high, Mental acrobatics and Mshairi, I shall try the chicken and pineapple, to Hades with the cholestrol!    

By Anonymous Anonymous at 10:35 pm

Why are you limiting your toppings...you don't Pizza Hut do a pizza that has a separate topping on each slice; I think its called the quatro...

And are you doing a Mshairi on us? Hii mambo ya kusoma about various (potential) new loves on family members' blogs is too much...


By Blogger Nyakehu at 12:27 pm

Kui, where else can we communicate, anyway I am in love with a phantom reference the rasta man (where I live too much ganja blocking the ventilation). I shall report in funky town. Oh the man is so fine, sexy, a hunk. I still have not gathered the guts to talk to him because he won't talk to me and anyway he has left my tongue tied and definetely twisted. Wow you should all see him at least the effect he has on me would be enough to understand. More in funkytown.    

By Blogger Tom Naka at 11:19 pm

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