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Friday, August 04, 2006
So you know those packets of sigaras with the big signs on them "SMOKING KILLS!! SMOKING KILLS" well this guy goes into the newsagent for his usual brand of Silk Cut and the shopkeeper sells him one that has " SMOKING MAY REDUCE THE BLOODFLOW AND CAUSES IMPOTENCE" and the guy says he would rather have the packet with" SMOKING KILLS"..... I am slowly weaning my way back to blogging so I am not sure that I am fully back yet.

Radio 5Live

Thursday, April 13, 2006
A couple of weeks of ago on a Monday listening to my favourite bit of radio I heard Mshairi being interviewed on FiveLive and the American presenter Kevin gave me a few giggles the Mshairi name went something like this Mashaaari you know that business of giving people phonetic names.... It was interesting listening to Mshairi on the Star Trek experience which sadly for me was not followed up by Kevin as I guess the guy wanted to know more about the harrassment that African women may or not face whilst on the blogosphere. It brought me back to the reason for my blogging and what joy I still receive from reading what I write on my blog.....

Kaybee Nominee


Sunday, March 12, 2006
Making and keeping friends, I have had a very interesting couple of weeks figuring out my relationships with friends and particularly female ones. I have a number of friends some who I somehow mangaged to keep for years and years and others who exhaust me mentally with their incessant demands at very short acquitance and value just as much as my old friends. Surprisingly, I realise to my chagrin that I do not have male friends that I value. I wonder why this is so? It is surprising that I even collect their business cards and we agree and promise that we will keep in touch. I guess it is time to put my thinking cap on and establish friendships that are long-lasting. Or maybe, I am asking a question here can men and women be friends without the sex-stuff gettting in the way? Answers on a postcard please

However, this is a tribute to all my friends new and old and those I am yet to make thank you for your support, for bringing me down with you when you are down and uplifting me and bringing me cheer too.....

International Womens Day

Monday, March 06, 2006
I wrote this on a post last year about the women in my family and this is just a celebration of the women in my family and not forgetting the boys as they are just as important and vital in the campaign for gender equity. I come from a family of six girls and one boy, and we tend to forget to celebrate our achievements. I have six nieces and four nephews-the girls are exceptional and it as I would like to say how proud I am of them and their achievements, their fearlessness gives me a great deal of pride and this is for my nieces and nephews particularly who in the face of so much have proved themselves time and again to be truly worthy people.

The girls are exceptional and it brings to mind a story my big sister told me about my grandmother-Cucu, my mum and her only sister who I am named after during the Mau Mau emergency in the 1950’s the Kikuyu women were put in concentration camps while the Kikuyu men were detained elsewhere. The women had home guards and one guard had it for Cucu, Mum and Aunty and would whip them without provocation. This guard was nasty and every morning if he did not whip Mum or Aunty, he felt that he had not done a good days work. The women’s work was to plant and harvest crops which was used to feed the British army and home guards, one morning the stupid man was feeling particularly vicious but he seemed to have crossed a line as he lashed out indiscriminately and Cucu who at this time was extremely furious and as the whip was pulled back to land on Mum, Cucu took hold of it and together with her daughters pulled the guard into their hut, shut the door and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of him. When they had finished, they went on to tell him that as a man he would not be able to tell the other guards that he had been beaten by women, he never raised the whip against these women again. For my nieces I am not advocating violence but when one is pushed in a corner you do what you have to do…

To my nephews who are gentle giants all of them, so good looking and charming, there is so much potential there, there are two and their picture stays in my mind holding your baby sister, amusing her and making her laugh. Though you have the men traits, your sensitivity is amazing and a sight to behold. To the oldest nephew, I never hear much from you other than you sending me emails to update your contact lists. You are the epitome of cool, and just like the other two stylish and trendy. To the baby nephew whom I haven’t met yet- I saw a picture of you and my heart flipped, I have spoken to you and I can see you growing up to be this handsome young man……

To family for my lovely and wonderful nieces and nephews it is nice to know that the baton can be passed on, your intelligence and wit is a joy and wonder to behold…..

Happy International Women’s Day