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At the job interview I was asked a question about dependence and how to wean African women from dependence. That question took me by surprise, what is about lack of understanding of the conditioning that African women are reared up on, we are educated from an early age that it is men who will provide for us as fathers, husbands and even sons in our dotage... Then when as forward thinking women realise that salvation does not come from outside, we then become religious where are told that God, the almighty will provide... Further to this when we have disasters of biblical proportions we see white people fundraising for us, speaking for us, feeling our pain. How do we wean those who are dependent into being independent? That question is still beating a drum in my mind as to the answer..

I was feeling melancholic feeling blue and the cold was deep in my bones when over the horizon there was beautiful rainbow that took my breath away.....
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By Anonymous mshairi at 10:06 pm

Only women can be their own liberators. It is a slog but there you go...

Do you realise it is actually impossible to see rainbows in Central London? All these years and I have never seen one and only saw one when I went to visit the niece in Lancs...    

By Blogger sandman at 11:37 pm

I think African and particularly Kenyan women are in the process of self liberation.    

By Blogger UARIDI at 3:14 pm

I used to think that women are dependent on men, the governement etc, but they are not. They obey the rules of society but are who make the decisions, hold the purse strings but allow the husbands to speak.

Thank God for sending you the rainbow!!!    

By Blogger Acolyte at 6:26 pm

African women have so much power that they are not aware of....    

By Blogger R at 9:01 pm

Questions like these always throw me for a loop... first I assume that there's indisputable evidence to support that thesis... then I look at all the women around me... my mother, my aunties, my friends' mothers and now, because I'm not so young any more, (I really need to get into my thick skull that woman is me), my friends, and I see strong women at one with themselves, having taken their destinies into their own hands.

My paternal grandmother, God bless her dear soul, was as formidable a woman as they come, my Grandfather was the political head of the house, he sat on the throne, but the keys to the safe were definitely in her hands. So, I hear, was my maternal grandmother, although she died when my mother was only a little girl.

Everywhere I look, I see strong African women. Although I see also, that they have been cultured to be self-effacing, not to call attention to their achievements, their abilities, their possibilities. Maybe that is where the problem lies.

I never cease to be amazed at the strength and fortitude of the African Woman. Problem is, I don't think, often time, she realises just how strong she is. She's too busy getting on with the business of life.    

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