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Sometimes it takes a a push, a shove and a major struggle to ignore my blog particularly as some anonymous things are trying to bookmark my blog to their business-related web-sites. So here comes my TIRADE please do not send in your fatous comments with stupid s**t "like great blog but here is one you might be interested in and then they draw in their link to something that you would not even enter or engage in a month of Sundays. My blog is yangu, mine and I engage in it for me if you read it and enjoy fine but please try and not link me to some site and then you do not even identify yourself potea mbali enda ufanye biashara yake mahali pengine- my Kiswahili like my dander is up.
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By Anonymous mshairi at 11:52 am

Ha! A lone woman tirade against spammers. Some of us have learnt to just delete and ignore:)

Activate the verifacation thingy on blogger to avoid these.


By Blogger Guessaurus at 12:57 pm

aaahh, stupid people have upset Auntie - not nice.

How have you been? You been too quiet on the blogside.
Anyway, like Mshairi says, activate the word verification thingy and they will be gone, puff like smoke!
Hope you have a rant-free rest of the week! :)    

By Blogger bankelele at 3:02 pm

TIP: The problems reduces greatly if you require "word verification" before comments can be posted    

By Blogger Poi at 4:40 pm

Yup! That hasn't happened to me yet but I have seen it on so many blogs dear auntie. Spammers all over, doing ads and all that crap, pole sana.

Hope you are doing great though:)

Happy Tuesday. Happy week!    

By Blogger nick at 2:43 pm

aunty gone mad...u have to activate word verification such that serial spam commenters dont acces u that easy.

otherwise u have been too quiet.    

By Blogger akiey at 11:05 pm

"Madogi hao!"LOL! That's what we would have teased them when we were little:))
Hated them so much I too activated the word verfication thing. Hope you're here to stay....?    

By Anonymous acolyte at 10:25 pm

Hey try the word verification thingy.Yes we are sounding like broken records but it seems to be the only thing that works with these ppl!    

By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 12:09 am

Try the word verification thing.

I am only repeating what has been said because I don't want to break the pattern    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 11:26 am

I activated the word verification thingy and thank you for the kindly advice after my tirade which made me feel so good as the hyenas have seriously moved on elsewhere as they never appear on my email address. Oops I should not equate the hyenas with these wanjiga?    

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