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Hello MamaJunkyard

MamaJunkyard, I am not trying to shame you please can we keep our promises. I have moved and talk of solitude and looking at walls Good clean fun is being had by me. Will spend more time on the blog during the coming weeks. This is a question that may have an answer or not, you know the male suicide bombers are offered 22 virgins when they they blast their way into our lives. What do they promise female suicide bombers?
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By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 9:34 pm

This family!!! I am putting myself up for adoption...    

By Blogger Farmgal at 9:37 pm

20 Dildos    

By Blogger akiey at 8:46 am

Farmgal,heeey,you're a special case, so will the dildos come with extra batteries or are they solar powered?lol!!
-Ok, me thinks they're also promised men that do not roll over & snore immediately after,
-20 lifetimes without cramps, no bad hair days.    

By Anonymous mshairi at 10:22 am

Ha MJY - you must learn to keep your promises: this one and the Donkey in Horses' Clothing one:)

I was going to say the same thing, Farmgal but also add what akiey said about long-life batteries:)

Female suicide bombers are offered a wiping away all sins and stigmas.    

By Blogger Farmgal at 12:40 pm

ok ok and long life rechargable batteries and for the best bomber everlasting ever ready ones!    

By Blogger nick at 9:17 am

@farmgal is this what they teach u down at the farm?(gasp,shock,alas...)
@MJY:talk about undue pressure from them aunties-thou best soon deliver
@mshairi:keep fanning that flame
@nyaks:tell the gal thou hast waited for the blog change and if its money she wants she sema's, ama????
@akiey:lol at roll over and snore. as for the batteries...maybe farmgal has some ingenious farm induced ideas like windvane/manure generators...    

By Blogger Guessaurus at 2:39 pm

On a serious note, I was told today that the attacks on London are happening on a thursday so the dead can be buried on Friday thus getting the said virgins etc

Off a serious note I have no idea whats been going on while I've been away, but it revolves around people going crazy and everyone of you needs kuniona kando and explain personally what you ate/drunk/inhaled/applied/stepped on/wore etc to aid this transition :)

And while you are all at it, bring me some...    

By Blogger Farmgal at 6:42 pm

@guess ...some illegal substance, wil email you some of it lakini not recommended for pple with jet-lag    

By Blogger akiey at 6:50 pm

@Nick (& by extension, Farmgal too)the windvane idea is environment friendly but...wouldn't that make them buzz even more when in use (good or bad, donnoh,lol!)?

@mshairi, in the afterlife they get to pick & choose their men, right?

@Guess, While you were away in Kenyan winter, the sun up north did things to our frozen brains & now everybody's wild side is coming out, plus we all indirectly inhaled farmgal's paint fumes    

By Blogger thecoolestblog at 7:05 pm

Cool blog and cool message    

By Anonymous Ms K at 1:26 pm

LOL I'm with Guess. What are people inhaling??? Farmgal, my eyes almost popped out!!!    

By Blogger Wambui at 4:28 pm

Yani Farmgal! Aeeiii!

Nyakehu, is it your birthday soon, or have i totally missed it? If so, mingi poles, and Happy Birthday...much love    

By Blogger Poi at 7:57 pm

Are there any female bombers out there ever really?

I saw via Uaridi's blog that your b/day is coming up on sunday. So, happy birthday to you. Hope you do something u love and have a most happy day filled with memorable moments!

God bless~    

By Blogger 122272 at 8:06 am

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By Anonymous Anonymous at 12:40 am

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