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Hello Blog- I am Baaaack

This is not a deserted wife coming back to claim her matrimonial home, MJY I am still waiting for the interior decoration as you promised! Nevertheless, just another phase of my non-dramatic life, I took off for pastures unknown to do something I enjoy doing. My hobby is hair plaiting though I am a qualified hairdresser. I enjoy working with hair and trained at the Kenya School of Hairdressing and talk of fun and even boredom at the same time. I find that with my interest in all things feminine, I am amazed that I have a competitive streak a mile wide that some men, unenlightened ones mind you have called it speaking or being like a man. I drive well and am confident on the road and a clever clog said that I drove like a man. However, my brother-in-law said whenever I gear shifted, my bangles would shatter that illusion. My interest in politics and sports is clearly seen as masculine traits as I listen to BBC Radio 5 Live-this was a discussion I heard over on Radio 4 about the demographics of those who listen to Radio 5. I am not stuck on one radio station, as I am versatile in my listening pleasure. However, Radio 5 when you have serious bouts of insomnia is a bonus as there are some interesting news items from the entire world. Friday morning there is a Michael Kaloki reporting from Nairobi, I mean one has to listen to get the gist of it. Anyway, I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. MJY drop everything and fix what you said you would fix!
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By Blogger Poi at 4:14 am

Welcam back. I have bad hair days like daily. Can you help?

Nice post.

Stay right here, donn move..    

By Blogger UARIDI at 4:03 pm

Is it the summer heat that is making us all restless? Ama it is the fact that some people had no idea that London had been attacked last week and are now determined never to let any sort of news pass them by?

By the way can those men define what driving or thinking or acting like men mean?    

By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 2:07 am

I KNEW it!! Mshairi told me to pass by your blog..ati "nime tajwa!" I asked her to tell me what had been said about me and she said "go see for yourself!"

I JUST KNEW it...unatafuta vita...in my month of July!

I shall fix what you asked for...soon I promise..

And it is good to have you back.

I see Uaridi is back too; she has only just found out who MJY is...hehehehe. This from the same person who emailed via FT ati "ignorance is bliss"    

By Blogger nick at 10:44 am

and its about time too!!!

welcome back and hope MJY takes time off her merry month of July to deliver!    

By Blogger The Desert Warrior at 9:08 pm

Karibu dada!    

By Blogger Renee Wagemans at 1:51 pm

I just came by your blog

By Anonymous Anonymous at 12:55 pm

Okay you came back and then? Where are you now?    

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