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When the only thing the computer is good for is just for solitaire, I feel like I have a reached an impasse and if it was not for blogging… alas woe is me as I am not connected like I really have to look for the nearest place to sit for a couple of hours reading other people’s blogs.

A couple of years back before goggle and the world of bloggers I had access to a computer and the number of sites I visited like there are too many to mention. Nevertheless, I went to the school alumni ones, looked for my friends in Kenya and other places and made a nuisance of myself just trying to be part of this experience (the information super highway!!!). Yahoo had geosites but for some reason could not understand what they were on about, chat rooms were an experience I could not comprehend, in one particular chat room, I left with a sense of being violated as the language was perverse- my nostalgia trips are not over by a long shot by the way.

There is something so compelling about blogging- it is not as if I don’t have people to talk to I do but this way it is just putting stuff down and coming back to it and discovering that that others have read it too. I have been reading the 100 lists and it is figuring out stuff about yourself that you do not mind other people knowing about. I also feel that in the blog world, so much care is taken in hiding ones identity and yet I am careless about mine. There is also great sense of anonymity and yet one can get personal.

As an African woman, who happens to be Kenyan too as an added bonus I know that this is a place where I can talk until the cows come home and will continue when even they are brought out for milking at dawn. You know that thing of where as a woman you are not supposed to talk much and the nice woman is one who defers to the man and let him talk you to death…. Well as a blogger the opinionated woman is capable of holding her own… See you next week blogspot after the holidays… Does one say Happy Easter when we know that Jesus was crucified, oh forgot he rose and ascended into heaven on the third day. My catholic upbringing is showing…….
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By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 5:56 pm

This has nothing to do with what you posted. Just wanted you to know that I really love your blog!

I shall return to comment on what you wrote.

Enjoy Easter and if you spend it at 82 pass my love to all.    

By Blogger KymmBr. at 12:03 am

...believe yu me..its called the freedom of expression...going wild...not confining yourself. when yu really donn care and yu wanna let it out....wtf, it wudn't hurt letting it stay holed up in me...but who wud it hurt if i let it out?    

By Blogger nick at 10:24 am

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By Anonymous Mshairi at 2:22 pm

I honestly wish I were like you - able to talk about personal things while also not revealing too much! And in a very charming way. I try ocassionally but don't always succeed:-) Happy Easter and see you tomorrow.    

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By Anonymous Anonymous at 9:57 pm

hey nice posts i added you to my bookmarks

Just wanted to say everything you posted was a good read.
Its nice too see that some people create decent and entertaining blogs, yours kept me reading for well over 10 minutes.


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