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First Sigara

Now I am grown up or so I think we were in the Fourth form, sleeping up in the lofts not so much in dormitory but partitioned rooms, the ivy on the walls was particularly thick around here, but first thing first the matron would come rousting us in the morning and Mrs Ngatho’s “time to get up, to brush your teeth, to eat your breakfast” sang out so gleefully still resounds in my ears even up to now. We went home for the Easter exeat and it is time to be adventurous. Bought SM (Saidia Malaya- aka as Sweet Menthol) and B&H Benson & Hedges and for the time were rather expensive, I was experimenting with my brand, but never learnt to appreciate that menthol in sigaras, they tasted like herbal ones ugh! The fields as ever were green and spacious and looked for a spot to light up and begin with the SMs and the dizziness was unbearable but I stuck it out, never enjoyed the SMs but eventually tried the B&Hs.

You can imagine the adventure of looking for a place to smoke, and the easiest places were in cinemas where we smoked. For those who were not even a figment in their parents’ imagination cinemas were smoking zones, my best friend and I who smoked but never in public were scandalised as we were standing outside the then very new and chic Nairobi Cinema when a school mate took out a pack of Sportsman and proceeded to light it outside and in broad daylight. I am not sure whether it was the fact that she was smoking outside or that it was a Sportman with the distinct soft pack and the red lettering. How times change now I am not so much in the brand but have discovered roll-ups and another friend told me that they are for the arty types……..
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By Blogger Jay at 1:55 pm

LOL Nyakehu. Must have been the red pack eh? ;-)    

By Anonymous Beth at 1:05 pm

Now you are grown up!?!
Does it happen after 20?    

By Anonymous Anonymous at 1:49 pm

i can bet a 10 kibaki 40 sh coins that the next blog entry will be about your first roll of "da weed"    

By Anonymous Mshairi at 8:53 am

I can't believe I used to smoke SMs - the things are vile:-)    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 9:59 am

Beth wonder what you mean as to anonymous my first roll of the weed was a nightmare as there this stupid little s***s who thought they could give me a doctored sigara, what happened is the worst paranoia... tried to smoke it voluntarily twice but each time l though l was dying and the worst thing that could ever have happened to me. So anon you lose your bet.....Yes Mshairi i remember the SMs in a green packet and the ads for this were happy smiling with it young people.    

By Blogger Wambui at 2:07 am

This is so weird. Yesterday had a conversation with my mother, who having stopped trying to get me married off, so she can feel I am being looked after - another story - she informed me, with no emotional blackmail attached, that considering I have been smoking for the last 10 years, surely I realise I am destroying my lungs and I can get help to quit. So all those years of long walks, investing in shares of Spearmint chewing gum, spraying my room with expensive perfume that should have been going onto my body, was for nothing? And to top it all off, she said this as I was lighting up! You can imagine how I reacted! So moral to story - mothers are surely not fools and never smoke in bed.    

By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 7:06 am

LOL @ Roll ups!

I went through roll up phase when trying to quit. I can't roll for toffee (what does that mean?) and I would spill half the tobacco everywhere. But I also heard it was for arty hippy type so I carried on for a while just to look cool.

As for menthol, thats all I smoked in Belize. The other two brands were like those Champion cigs.

oh..is that Beth as in lizzy bizzy?    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 10:41 am

Wambui when I was coming back to UK Mum gave me like £60 and told me to hide in in sigara pack and I looked at her blankly and her remark was priceless that we walk in a cloud of smoke thinking that our mothers do not know what we do.
Kui I think that was our Beth Lizzy bizzy she did my quiz thinking it was you oh well that is another story. I had a to buy a little machine that rolls up my ciggies for me l am still learning as you have to know how much baccy you need to put in.    

By Anonymous Anonymous at 3:53 pm

"I can't believe I used to smoke SMs - the things are vile:-)"

i read SMS lmao!!

I didn't do the quiz thinking it was W, i didn't know who Mamajunkyard was - just some random woman, the name doesn't sound like you!!

So I'll see you on thursday!?!?!????????    

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