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To MamaJunkyard thank you very much for this wonderful exercise as it has me thinking what makes me a Kenyan like I would never thought of it before good fun!!

Favourite Kenyan food –
guache, marigo, mbocho na bebe and it is not irio which is done with mataha
Favourite Kenyan drink-
Tusker Premium
Favourite Kenyan TV programme-
The one that had Masunduku Smithi or is it Vihoja Mahakamani??
Top 3 Kenyan hang outs-
Wagon Wheel, Woodlouse(Eldoret) na Stardust (Malindi)
Top Kenyan holiday destination-
Malindi, Malindi,Malindi
3 Kenyan Phrases you use a lot-
Shenzi Umbwa Mjinga; Shauri Yako & Mapenzi ya pesa nane
7. Three things about Kenya/Kenyans that make you go 'hmmm'-
1. Fitina or Juko
2. Depending on whether it is friend or foe- "You have lost or put on weight!"
3. How long have you been in England without going back to your motherland?

8. Three things non-Kenyans say about Kenya/Kenyans that make you
go 'hmmm'----- in response to some of the comments they make
I have some Kenyan friends or my best friend is Kenyan
Corruption and tribalism is not synonmous with Kenya
Animals are Kenyans too but we have ours in national parks and have not exterminated them as in the West but give us time!
9. Three things about Kenya/Kenyans which non-Kenyans ought to
I speak English because that is what we were taught from the time you entered Standard one
We bleed as well
Not all Kenyans are athletes

10. Complete this sentence: I am Kenyan because...
hey what else could l be or do I have a choice ?
And finally - list 3 members of the Kenyan Blog Ring you would like to see complete this quiz.
Itina Rasi
Au Lait
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By Blogger Mshairi at 1:04 pm

I went to Wago some time back but it was not the same. I heard Woodie still exists but not in the way we remember it. Alas.

How did I guess Malindi would strongly feature in your meme:-)    

By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 9:03 pm

These answers are making my day...
Is fitina a kiswahili word?    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 10:29 am

Mshairi and Mama Junkyard Malindi was definitely going to feature in my favourite places, Fitina is kiswahili word like if you go into the root of the language - it is a hybrid of arabic and bantu and if l choose to say fitina then it becomes kiswahili!! Wait till the language police get hold of this    

By Blogger Jay at 4:41 pm

I was eating boiled yam today and I missed ngwaces. Or is it guache.

Yams are nice too. Do we have them back home? Does anyone know?

Now I gotta go to Malindi. Any places I should check out?    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 11:30 am

Ms K anywhere in Malindi is fine there are some wonderful coffee shops which you will not find in the toursist trail and at times they even frown on serving women but the coffee is good. I have been trying to post a comment on your blog but it is impossible.    

By Blogger Githush at 4:10 am

Miss K
Yes we do have yams in Kenya (I hope that was your question)
My uncle is a big fan (I personally detest them)
I believe the gikuyu call them gikuwa (sp)    

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