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The Rant

Why is it men like sizing women up as if they are fitting them up for a coffin or is it how easy it would be to carry them up a flight of stairs to show off their manliness. God save me from these men who have a persistent hard-on in their eye. That is the leer of ugly like I am undressing you and the expectation is that you also share similar feelings about them, one thing that I know is that I am very picky about the men I fancy; they have to have some redeeming qualities and not just in the looks department. I have two different men who have perfected this art of thinking that they are hot and that I am available to them. With them I might just fix a banner with the words writ large; " GO AWAY and stop hounding me !" Sadly, there are the ones I would not wish on other women so the banner would read "GO AWAY AND STOP HOUNDING WOMEN!"
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By Anonymous Anonymous at 5:50 am

In defence of men, we do it unconsciously; we can’t help but size women up – we are programmed that way    

By Blogger Khatiq at 4:30 am

Redeeming qualities...gotta love the sound of it. And what might that
be, considering that its not just in the looks department only? Without
a peek, thy toughts are refreshing; does that count as a redeemer? Just
thinking out, and a thought is not a suggestion, or is it?    

By Blogger Shea at 4:45 am

Oh stop acting like you women don't look at guys like that either (maybe in different ways of course). Any person that says it's about the personality is fooling themselves. No one likes someone for their ugliness.    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 12:39 pm

In response to all , yes l do like looking at men but never do l look at him as if l'm undressing him, l look at him with respect and a murmer of corr! The redeeming qualities referred to here are can be found in the earlier post of My Love. I do believe men are programmed to look at women in this way and l know that gay men are the worst culprits of this even though they prefer having same-sex relationships. Well that is the nature of man. Can't stop complaining about it though as it does make me feel uncomfortable.    

By Blogger Mshairi at 5:08 pm

:)) 'Persistent hard-on in their eye". That's funny. The worst thing is that they do this without a single thought and whether or not the woman has shown any interest. Is this genetically coded, or what?    

By Blogger The Desert Warrior at 6:16 pm

Hard on in the eye LMBAO!
Whoever said they were programmed that way I refute that point and suggest you are trained that way.    

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