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I happened to glance at my dressing table and the potions, lotions and creams, hair oil, nail polish, remover and all the blah blah a woman may need made me shake my head as I realised that there was a lot of stuff on that dressing table and whether wanting to be well-groomed, clean and tidy is a sign of vanity. My circumstances are strange as I am supposed to fit in this mould and I find that there is a smell certain people have of unwashed bodies and in this weather it can be claustrophobic sitting in the bus or next to a stinky-poo in the library can really spoil one’s enjoyment. Of course, after using some stuff on my feet called “foot cocoon” and some lovely body lotion, taking care of myself this way is not vanity but good sense, I do have some serious soft arm and legs and you should see my feet.
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By Blogger Mshairi at 2:59 pm

Welcome back! Tell me about the smell of unwashed bodies. At times I get home with a headache :-) The reverse is when people use strong perfumes e.g. Poison and others and you are inhaling chemicals all day long...    

By Blogger Khatiq at 4:40 am

Soft maybe well and great, but the feet I should see...! Yeah begin at the bottom and the only way to go is up...    

By Blogger sokari at 11:43 pm

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