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I have been thinking, dreaming and seeing rings: wedding rings, engagement rings, friendship rings, all sorts of rings and I hope to God this has nothing to do with Camilla and Charles and maybe it is a reflection of my singledom like I don’t wear rings……

Which brought it to mind when I was fifteen or sixteen—the mists of time blah blah fish cakes. Oh well had a crush and the man/boy gave me a ring as a token of love. I remebered it had blue stone and I wore it faithfully and a few day later my finger had swelled to a fat sausage. Mum and I had a laugh trying to pry the ring out of my finger using soap and baby oil and I remember to this day my finger had a blue shaped ring which faded into time as surely as the crush did. Can not wear anything unless plated with gold, sterling or the real stuff…..

The ring business has me worried as I took off my gloves I realised that my fingers were rather bare. Then to top it off one of the sleazoid who has the persistent hard on in his eye stopped me and and he said I have very soft hands and was going to kiss my hand and the look on my face and the eeeuuuw that was shaping my mouth was a sight to behold. Anyway I told him that these were hard working hands and the softness was hereditary. This guy is rather creepy and everything about him leaves me with that feeling of I have walked through slime, after encounters with this person a hot shower is always called for.
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By Blogger Mshairi at 12:49 pm

Your crush was a cheapskate:-) then again, he was just a boy and probably just wanted you to know he was a 'man'. Hmm sounds like I could write a poem based on your story:)    

By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 2:06 pm

Nyakehu - Kwani all the dodgy people try to talk to you?

LOL @ Mshairi that is like parparazzi poetry. I hope you pay Nyakehu for her story.    

By Blogger The Desert Warrior at 3:44 pm

You know it is always those flaky brothers.... :)    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 10:02 am

MamaJunkyard I have been asking myself the same question, the ones who fancy me are the extreme dodgy ones who you would need a ten-feet pole to deal with.I don't ask for payment when l inspire great poets ama Mshairi.    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 10:02 am

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.    

By Blogger nick at 9:44 am

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