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The Quiz

Taken a page out of Mama Junkyard Here is a quiz for those who may or may not know me. No prizes for this one just take part

Take my Quiz!
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By Blogger Mshairi at 9:07 pm

These are trick questions!I cannot believe I only got seven out of ten - I thought I knew you so well. I demand a recount just like I did with Mama Junkyard :)    

By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 11:54 pm

90% 90% 90%

You see that...90%

he he he he he!!    

By Anonymous mentalacrobatics at 2:38 am

60% here! Considering we havent met yet i think that is pretty good! I even got the guy you fancied right!    

By Anonymous beth at 1:12 pm

I thought it was mama junkyards quiz and since i don't know him/her I was just guessing, then I went back and did it again, but I had to count the bros/sisters/nieces and nephews on my fingers, I was thinking - 'these people have a lot of kids'


By Blogger Koreans resources at 10:47 pm

I was reading a george bush blog this mroning and couldnt figure out how to post this.

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Anyway, thanks for letting us visit : )    

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