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Tunnels and stuff

Now I know why I do not like the Tube, there is a tunnel I have to cross at least once a day and each time I am underneath it I get so nauseous.

The other thing that I have noticed around Oxford Street there is a man or what look like series of men holding up advertising boards. Mainly it is the eternal annual golf sale, I have suddenly started noticing them along other streets like the Strand, Tottenham Court Road etc there are those who just stand there, those who read and recently I noticed one with a proper seat. Nick –my nephew stealing your style of listing….
1. I wonder how these jobs are advertised?
2. Would you include this job in a CV?
3. What were your duties and responsibilities?
4. How would you describe this job?

Answers on a postcard...... I am curious
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By Anonymous mshairi at 3:59 pm

1. How are these jobs are advertised?
On a advertising/sandwich board

2. Would you include this job in a CV?
Yes it is a job after all just like any other

3. What were your duties and responsibilities?
Primary purpose of my job:
Advertising golf sales through the use of a sandwich board on Oxford Street

Main objective:
To catch up with reading
To ogle women as they pass by
To inform as many people as possible of golf sales

4. How would you describe this job?
My job is to advertise golf sales using a sandwich board on Oxford Street. I start work at 9:00 am and finish at 6:00 pm. If you like the outdoors, my job is perfect as I am out in all sorts of weather – cold, hot or in-between. I am a people-person thus I love my job, which is good as I get to meet many people especially women, Oxford Street is the busiest street in the UK as you may already know. I also get to catch up on my reading.    

By Blogger Guessaurus at 4:16 pm

@Mshairi - well said - but seeing that these people dont say a word, look half-dead and stand for hours on end, where does the people person characteristic get utilised?

- does their strength get tested to see how much they can hold coz some of them seem ready to fall over.

- what if you faint?    

By Blogger nick at 4:43 pm

dearest auntie my mi skills is su skills...u can steal plagerise anyday...thats what family is all about

1.agree wiy mshairi they are advertised on fellow boards...or u hear it from a grapevine e.g in a hospital ward after someone was admitted suffering from heat stroke and dehydration....

2.yes u include it in ur cv cause how else will u get a job at the better roads-the highways, wallstreet, no 10 lane...

3.ur responsilbility is:
- to avail ur ad at the precise and most optimal angle for fellow consumers.
-goal to attract,and grasp the attention of the passerby
-provide a uniique face(only u can pull it off) that can be associated wit the product
-sell sell sell sell

4.If you love people. if you enjoy the sun in ur face, wind in your hair. birds chirping at a distance. the hustle and bustle of daily human and car traffic...this is it!!!!!
The job can be back breaking and humiliating but it pays the rent and feeds me..so until i get somethin better see u here same time same place...but wear somethin warm it maybe chilly tomorrow    

By Blogger akiey at 2:29 am

I've noticed this ad form in several states too & I usually feel sorry for these guys coz I assume they're just down on their luck.
I would put it on my resume in the hope that someone sees how resilient (and not stupid) I am. I am such a people person that if the rules state 'do not engage in conversation with passersby' then I'll be out of a job in an hour,lol! I love reading too so since am just standing there like a statue with nothing but a sign on me, allow me to flip thru my favorite magazine or atleast to blog on my laptop,huh?    

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