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Blogging and Comments

When I started blogging, it reminded me of this Kalenjin farmer who had gained entry into a nightclub, which was the hottest place to be in Eldoret. The club had strobe lights which snaked on the ceiling and the floor and the farmer had for the best part of three hours just staring at these lights wondering and thinking at the marvel of science, the lights moved in time with the music and he looked mesmerised or even hypnotised. At the time he was the funniest thing at the disco, for some of us, we had become blasé.

I can now imagine what he must have felt as when I started blogging I had that awe-struck mesmerised by the lights feeling about blogging, that I could read and write what others had written. My sisters were so enthusiastic about it and I did not want to be left behind- segue into another story of the three of us going to UG Primary School (after boarding school). Dad took us to school on the first day and we walked or rather marched behind him like those baby ducks in line- our shoes polished and hair combed and brushed and was too scared to stand in tufts as hair was wont to do.

Back to the blogging business, I have had some very good feelings about it and enjoyed myself immensely, however due to not having a computer that is connected it has been difficult to post on my webblog. At times, I have limited time with which to read other people’s posts. This is not an excuse- I remembered leaving comments on my esteemed niece/colleague “begins at home” journal and encouraging other niece to leave comments and we started having our family discussions and the blogging police came hard on us. My thought at that time was what was the etiquette of blogging and posting comments and probably I am still wondering about that even now. In the beginning, I would comment without thought until a fellow blogger showed her/his disapproval. I realised that one needs to give careful thought to comments and that to read certain blogs one needs kid’s gloves. I think I also then convinced myself (still working at it) that I am not writing for my fellow bloggers but for myself.

This blog is for when I am happy, when I am angry, when I am sad. If anyone takes offence at my writing, they can let me know in the comments section, or if they enjoy it, they can still leave their comments. However, what I am not going to do is fret and worry about my fellow bloggers- that sounds cold or that it is a tit- for –tat system of my leaving comments on their posts and hope that they do it on mine. It sounds like I am whining or griping but really I am not. I can still see that farmer at the disco and how we laughed at him but no one would have taken that enjoyment away from him.
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By Blogger KymmBr. at 4:56 pm

I immensely enjoyed this one. Always have.    

By Blogger akiey at 8:36 am

Exciting observatioins you make here & in all your posts:) you got me laughing & questioning at the same time.
There would be 100's of opinions about blogging etiquette but I agree w/you that a person's blog isn't really out to entertain or please anyone who has access to the Web. Heck, mine have no particular audience at times:)!?
Where's this blogging world headed? I wonder at times but hey until then am enjoying this ride like no other! Best wishes!    

By Blogger Mshairi at 3:58 pm

You really have a great writing style, girl. I am envious :)You may think you blog for yourself but you have a lifelong fan in me :)    

By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 10:07 am

I meant to be the first one here...Kymmbr these days you always get there before me.

Aunty Nyaks. This was a beautiful post.

You raise so many issues that I had not thought about or brushed to one side.

The whole "who am I blogging for" has been one that I have never truly addressed post-Belize. I think I am also going to follow in the style of the farmer in the disco and just do my thing.

As for you and your writing - you have an amazing gift    

By Blogger nick at 4:15 pm

@nyaks: u know in this family am the one who never makes sense. but when by blog for yourself indirectly is the same as bloggin for us...cause we liked ur writin way before u knew us. we came to u not the other way round.
keep on keep bloggin on..and we will always be here

@MJY am tellin u Kymmbr is everywhere maybe he has an rss that instantly comments for him

can we adopt him as well?????    

By Blogger KymmBr. at 1:38 am

No! KymmBr does not have an ass that blogs for him. And NO! Adoption request denied.
Yippie Yippie.    

By Blogger Wambui at 2:04 am

So hear you on the fascination - I am still staring at the strobe lights ;-) Great blog. Great issues. Love the way you tell it.    

By Blogger Wanjru at 2:36 pm

Amen to that and I can relate to the Kalenjin man story..Do what makes you happy irrespective of who approves or not...    

By Blogger akiey at 4:17 am

Me again, hope you don't mind multiposts:)?
Smth I noticed on your profile: reincarnation. I understand your point about going forward in years and ofcourse staying at heart.
Growing up, I never cared much about the thought of reincarnation but as I got a little older I kept toying with the idea & for yrs now I feel like I may come back not in the human form but as flowing water:). I know God understands my reasoning for this,lol!    

By Blogger The Nappyheaded Pensieve at 4:53 am

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing and I totally understand where you are coming from when you say that you write for yourself and not for others. If they have issues with your feelings, oh well, too bad. This is all about you and I applaud you for putting it out there :o)    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 1:45 pm

Akiey I don't mind multiposts, Kymmbr thanks for being you, please don't attack my nephew Nick too much otherwise I shall take sides.    

By Blogger The Desert Warrior at 8:33 pm

Are you an Eldian? Did not know. Went to Hillo...rivals with UG.
Knew I knew you from ages back....    

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