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As for those who did the quiz you will know that I have six nieces and four nephews and that for me tells me that I am blessed, this is not a pat on the back as I would like to say how proud I am of them and their achievements, their fearlessness gives me a great deal of pride and this is for my nieces and nephews particularly who in the face of so much have proved themselves time and again to be truly worthy people.

The girls are exceptional and it brings to mind a story my big sister told me about my grandmother-Cucu, my mum and her only sister who I am named after during the Mau Mau emergency in the 1950’s the Kikuyu women were put in concentration camps while the Kikuyu men were detained elsewhere. The women had home guards and one guard had it for Cucu, Mum and Aunty and would whip them without provocation. This guard was nasty and every morning if he did not whip Mum or Aunty, he felt that he had not done a good days work. The women’s work was to plant and harvest crops which was used to feed the British army and home guards, one morning the stupid man was feeling particularly vicious but he seemed to have crossed a line as he lashed out indiscriminately and Cucu who at this time was extremely furious and as the whip was pulled back to land on Mum, Cucu took hold of it and together with her daughters pulled the guard into their hut, shut the door and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of him. When they had finished, they went on to tell him that as a man he would not be able to tell the other guards that he had been beaten by women, he never raised the whip against these women again. For my nieces I am not advocating violence but when one is pushed in a corner you do what you have to do…

To my nephews who are gentle giants all of them, so good looking and charming, there is so much potential there, there are two and their picture stays in my mind holding your baby sister, amusing her and making her laugh. Though you have the men traits, your sensitivity is amazing and a sight to behold. To the oldest nephew, I never hear much from you other than you sending me emails to update your contact lists. You are the epitome of cool, and just like the other two stylish and trendy. To the baby nephew whom I haven’t met yet- I saw a picture of you and my heart flipped, I have spoken to you and I can see you growing up to be this handsome young man……

To family for my lovely and wonderful nieces and nephews it is nice to know that the baton can be passed on, your intelligence and wit is a joy and wonder to behold…..

To my new nieces and nephews through the blogworld welcome to our family…..
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By Anonymous mshairi at 6:06 pm

I never get tired of hearing this story - so empowering to hear about these women who drew a line in the sand and said: NO MORE.

I am constantly amazed by the nieces and nephews and I can't get over how incredibly smart and funny they have turned out to be.

This is great and bless you for writing it!    

By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 6:33 pm

Before I start with the usual uchokozi and makelele I really should say thank you for such a beautiful post. It is nice to know that the aunties aka Golden Girls (hehehehe) are proud of us. I am also proud of all you. You are all a bunch of beautiful and intelligent relatives. Lakini huyo Mshairi...the verdict is still out there...that F1 and Sci-Fi thing needs to be discussed at the next family meeting.

Ok..now that is said. Why is it the nephews were called good-looking and no mention was made of how stunning/attractive the nieces are? If we had a line up ya nieces vs nephews we would win in the looks department. Actually we would win in all departments.

As for that one male family member and his "update your contacts" emails! Haki...this needs to stop. No hello, no goodbye just random forwards! But he has a wonderful girlfriends, so I guess he is not all that bad.

The baby nephew you haven't seen is gorgeous. Though he told me last time I was there that:
"mimi sikumbuki wewe, na kumbuka tu Micky"

Which further proves my point...them boys ain't the brightest of bulbs.

Before I go..did you include Mich in your nephew countdown? He is by far the best looking white nephew in the family.

Basi...nimesema yote...I think :-)    

By Blogger Guessaurus at 1:20 pm

Keeping it in the family now, are we Nyakehu?

That cucu story is hilarious, not then, but now. Such courage in such hard times. Go Cucus...

As for your family, we have seen what y'all come up with, and dare I say, you got the brains and it seems the brawn is available in tonnes too.

Its nice when families stay together, and better still when they are scattered all over the globe. Trust me, its not always easy.
So kudos to you and your family.

@MJY - where you been hiding gal. Sorry about your friend who passed, but you know what they say: Talking helps.    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 1:39 pm

MJY I just had to respond because last night as I was laying down to sleep after a hard days work this is another story( Mshairi do not get nervous) I will only reveal this if I am tortured!!! I remembered Mick and you know something he will probably have a blogpost all on his own because this is one special ka-somebody who is part of the family and one person that I am glad God planted in your path. You know that somebody who grounds/centres your world not that MJY is a diva or something but it is like that cliche" your other half". The thing with telling you girls that you are beautiful is that it will go to your heads and we can't have that and it so obvious that you all are such beauties. The men l think need a little bit of reminding. Now for that Golden Girls image, as glamorous as you make it out to be! it reminds me so much of Norah Batty and her tights. Mshairi and her sci-fi and grand prix is another story. Guessaurus, has'nt MJY and Mshairi sent you the adoption papers yet as niece and sister, if they haven't mine is in the post. Welcome to the family.    

By Anonymous mshairi at 2:46 pm

Auuwwwiii, I am being battered everywhere. First by Binti Simba, then by MJY, hata wewe Nyakehu and now my nephew won't talk to me:)

G, you are welcome to join this family btw:)    

By Blogger Guessaurus at 3:33 pm

Thanks Nyakehu/Mshairi, I appreciate the inclusion into your special family. Does that mean I have to start being nice to Nick? :)    

By Blogger akiey at 2:35 am

2nd time am reading this & jokes aside, this is very touching. I wondered how YOUR family to whom you've reached out in ways few get to experience nowadays feel if I felt it so deep?
I wish all of you all the love, closeness & sticking together possible. It takes work to do it but you're all trying your best. Best wishes:)    

By Anonymous Beth at 2:06 pm

Which family are you talking about?

Do you guys know that Pambi swears!?!?!?!!?    

By Blogger Nyakehu at 1:28 pm

Beth you really take the biscuit, please the family I am taking about are people like you. Pamby swears oh that is good, I do not think we are raising angels just well-rounded human beings. You make me laugh and let me praise my family when I can and bad-mouth you when the occasion calls for it. Love you    

By Anonymous Anonymous at 10:08 am

Mama Junkyard always says that she is proud to have come from a family of strong women. Living proof.    

By Anonymous Anonymous at 1:10 am

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