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Joy and more joy

The things that give me joy are so many and varied , blogging for one, kahawa, Southern Comfort. My family probably is the best of all joys- I have blogged about this before on my nieces and nephews. I have a niece who is going to be one on Sunday. She is the got the sweetest smiles and a laugh that gives me the giggles, she is at the age where she repeats words like "pop your collar", thank you and is even saying Habari and mzuri sana all this is in baby talk by the way. When Mshairi calls and finds me here she wonders, but this is a treat.You tell her (my niece not Mshairi) to piga makofi and she does it. I could write a book about it but hey this is a blog.
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By Blogger nick at 4:15 pm

sounds like she at that cute age...remember that 6month old phase where they only have 2 teeth poppin out in the lower gum: now thats a cute package that could be packed and sold!

bloggin is so much fun...

a certain other niece has promised pain...    

By Blogger akiey at 7:07 am

Nyakehu, I envy you in the nicest of ways. This is an amazing new look & it suits you perfectly. MJY, you're genius!

Family, anything for family & there's nothing like feeling the affection from a young'un in the fam:)

@Nick, fear not, "Pain is Love" so brace yourself, bro!    

By Anonymous Ms K at 8:47 am

I am so like jealous like I'm green and its clashing with my red shirt and boo hoo your new blog is so COOL!!!

Maybe now you'll not pull those disappearing stunts!    

By Blogger Uarida at 10:39 am

Wow blog!!! How much did you pay MJY? Is she talking to you now?    

By Anonymous mshairi at 11:28 am

That baby is just wonderful! and yes, I do know where you are always at 82:)    

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