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It is never having the time to do the things you want to do... in my twenties I saw Tina Turner's body at 50 and I thought that is the kind of body I would like now... In my thirties it has having the body but never being content....When I was eighteen my body image was so bad and the Kenyan girls had a their conversational piece and it went like this-
"Hi so and so you have lost so much weight."

Two minutes down the road you meet your arch enemy..

"Hi so and so you have put on so much weight."

It got to a point where you were on a yo-yo diet with the number of times you heard lost or put on weight. Right now I know where I am with my body at ease and at comfort with it and that my body image is balanced.
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By Blogger KymmBr. at 6:17 pm

good then. yu are good to go. just being content with the way yu are makes me give yu a high five. keep up and love yu;rself more.    

By Blogger Guessaurus at 8:19 pm

Good on you gal - I dont understand how people are always on about weight gain, loss etc-like you body weight defines who you are.

Be happy that you are healthy and alive, and I am glad you are..    

By Blogger Poi at 6:13 pm

Ain't nothing like been content! It counts, it defines. I'm glad u r happy with who u are.    

By Anonymous mshairi at 7:36 pm

Good on ya girl!

I will be purchasing the book on tractors this week now that I know the story behind it:)    

By Blogger Wambui at 9:12 pm

Ati Tractors? Aeii, i think we need to know about that one! Being content with who you are is a wonderful feeling!    

By Blogger Milonare at 1:41 pm

Hey Nyakehu

I want:
The muscles but not the gym..
The six-pack but not the sit-ups...
The mazgwembes but not the star-jumps...

Other than that I'm sawaz with my body ;)

What caused the contentment for you BTW???    

By Blogger UARIDI at 12:59 pm

It has always been about how comfortable we are within ourselves. Just think of those skin and bones girls who still diet because they think they are ugly and fat.

However wisdom comes with age!!    

By Anonymous Anonymous at 1:21 pm

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By Anonymous Anonymous at 1:57 pm

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By Blogger nick at 8:42 am

hey this is looking good!
pain is not being content and knowing it there's nothing you can or will do!
Pain is growing pains, realizing things are not under your control...there will always be an external hindrance that you have no say over...

and am sure pain was waiting for ur niece to come thru on this..but she finally did right???    

By Anonymous mshairi at 9:40 am

I love this new look MJY and Nyaks! It is cool, modern, and very, very stylish.    

By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 9:43 am

Nick...you don't know real pain....yet.    

By Blogger Guessaurus at 10:12 am

This is tres cool MJY and Nyaks - very nice    

By Blogger Bud Wiser at 2:02 pm

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