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My birthday was on the 31st July, to all who have wished me a happy one thank you. My brother texted me and he wanted to know how old I was like he does'nt know- I texted back saying that there are some women who when they reach a certain age they stop counting and they stop telling. If I am going to age, it shall be disgracefully........

My nieces and nephews did a wonderful spread for me though I did not turn up where I was supposed to on Sunday but instead they surprised me when I turned up on Monday. There was a wonderful chocolate cake which sadly I did just take a bite of. I love chocolate, dark not white, with or without nuts but a chocalate cake I am not easy with. I hope I did thank them and it was really sweet and touching of them to do this for me. Nieces and nephews can be so sweet and nice. MJY I am sure you know you are included in this loving blog.....
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By Anonymous mshairi at 5:10 pm

Changing your tactics I see saying nice things about MJY:) Whether it works remains to be seen....

Happy birthday by the way    

By Blogger nick at 6:10 pm

belated wishes.

as for you and MJY-ever considered a BLOG WAR?    

By Blogger Guessaurus at 8:32 pm

Nyakehu (auntie) happy belated birthday, I am sure you had a great time and your nieces (even the absent ones, I am looking for recognition here if you cant tell) know you appreciated the efforts.

@Nick - what, you are not satisfied with having a war in your back yard, you want to start another one overseas - gee, GW would be proud.    

By Blogger Poi at 8:33 pm

Glad u have such wonderful nieces/nephews. They had a surprise for u with what u love a chocolate cake. How nice. Hope u had fun.    

By Blogger Prousette at 11:02 am

Happy belated birthday and many happy returns.    

By Blogger UARIDI at 12:36 pm

We have missed you. Hope you had a blast.    

By Blogger KymmBr. at 3:22 pm

belated wishes. hope this year is great for yu. All the best and a great life ahead.    

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