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MJY well done and I did not threaten you, I used the sweetest words to plead , beg and beg again. This is just brilliant. At least Mshairi will stop complaining about the colours that I use once again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
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By Anonymous Mama JunkYard at 1:28 pm

You are welcome.

As for Mshairi..no comment    

By Anonymous Mich at 1:32 pm

Looks good to me, hope you enjoy your new (web) home.

BTW, when is the house warming party? :-)    

By Blogger Blue Poet at 3:18 pm

May I be the first non family member(I must admit though that I have made a proposal to a certain member of your family)to compliment you on your new site. It is lovely.
Well done MJY!


By Blogger Guessaurus at 3:44 pm

Excellent colours - all peaceful and nice - liking it. MJY - you are a gem!!! :)    

By Anonymous mshairi at 4:48 pm

@Blue - speaking to family members *after* you have made the proposal will not help you much;)

@ MJY - I thought we were friends...

@ Nyaks, when did I ever complain, sweet, innocent me?    

By Blogger Wambui at 5:42 pm

You are beautiful! It looks amazing! MJY - a genius!

@Mshairi - ati innocent!!! We read your poems...we know ;-)    

By Anonymous mshairi at 8:32 pm

@ Wambui, Lol! I knew my poems would catch up with me one day:)    

By Anonymous Mentalacrobatics at 11:20 pm

wow! wow x 10 wow x 100!

By Blogger KymmBr. at 4:14 am

Dang! absolutely cool. yu rock webpage!!!!    

By Blogger Shiroh at 10:59 am

The site looks lovely    

By Blogger kipepeo at 12:00 pm

ooooh it looks so pretty! great job, great colors! wow!    

By Blogger Nakeel at 5:39 pm

Its wonderful.. cool colors waoh..
MJY u gat the right hand...    

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